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Craig Nabat



Craig Nabat


CEO, Ambitious Ideas

Santa Monica, CA

Forget the coke-bottom glasses and coiffure a la Poindexter- Craig Nabat is MSU’s official “hunk” alumni inventor. Specifically, Nabat, founder of Ambitious Ideas, Inc., was named one of Entrepreneur Start-Ups Magazine’s “11 Sexiest Entrepreneurs.”

He’s used his good looks to help sell his biggest invention, FINDIT, a patented, domino sized device that is attached to keys and eyeglass cases. When these items are lost, the FINDIT is set to respond to a three-clap pattern, sounding a series of beeps to let the person know where to locate the items.

As part of FINDIT’s marketing, Ambitious Ideas developed a tie-in promotional campaign to imprint the FINDIT logo on the fly of Men’s boxer shorts. And Craig himself was the model in the provocative ad.

While he graduated from MSU with a degree in sociology, he earned his business degree from the school of hard knocks. It took seven years and $800,000 to get the FINDIT on the market.

“Obviously, had I known it would take that long, I never would have started,” says the 35-year-old. “But once I start something, it’s not in my nature to quit, even though my friends and family wouldn’t stop telling me to give it up.”


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