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by the U.S.
Patent Office.

Inventors, Merchandising & Marketing assistance from Ambitious Ideas, Inc.
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Use FINDIT® on car keys!
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Hello, I’m Craig Nabat, President of Ambitious Ideas, Inc., and inventor of FINDIT® -- the most innovative and easy-to-use locating device that attaches via adhesive strip or key ring to any of your commonly lost household items such as car keys, cellular phones, remote controls, electronic organizers, eyeglass cases, purses, and anything you tend to misplace.

Since 1993, I’ve been devoted to developing and perfecting FINDIT® for people just like me who lose absolutely everything they own.

Almost daily I found myself frustrated by looking for my television remote. Then I decided it was time somebody invented an easy way to keep from losing things.

So, I created FINDIT® !

From the sales success of FINDIT, the remote control and key finder, I thought it would be a great idea to market an entire line of products to make all our lives a little easier. You now can view all Ambitious Ideas' new products, including Personal Lights, Utility Lights and Gadgets, which are coming out in retail stores this year.

Find what you've lost! Keys, remotes, anything!

Aegis AwardAmbitious Ideas and dapTV associates received the Aegis award for outstanding achievement for quality and creativity in the production of the FINDIT® infomercial, judged by commercial marketers and producers.

ERA AwardAmbitious Ideas was nominated for Best Internet Retailing Site by Electronic Retailing Association 2000
He found it!

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